One girl, one dream

I’m falling in love with this girl 🙂 I think I have heard of her somewhere before, but this is the first time I actually got into her page. Her nickname is Chip, and you can follow her in facebook at Xách ba-lô lên và Đi and her blog at Chip 2.0.

She’s a Vietnamese girl, who dropped out of college to fulfill her crazy dream: To travel the world. Her journey started since she was 19-20 years old, and she’s now 22, traveled over 25 countries (I don’t know what’s the exact number), with only $700 in her pocket when she started. Personally, I think she’s the bravest  girl I have ever came across. Worked wherever she landed to just to have the money to keep on traveling, got arrested by unreasonable cops, got stolen by armed thieves, lived with stranger who she knew absolutely nothing about, couldn’t speak/understand the natives,…

One girl, and one dream burning inside her heart.

All for just one simple reason, if she doesn’t go now, she will regret it later.

Many people these day couldn’t even dare to dream big. They always have reasons to be scared, to be afraid, to worry, to stop themselves from doing what other people call “different”, “strange”, “weird”,…

Well, if everyone is realistic, who else is left for dreams?

What make I love her even more, is the fact that she is a Vietnamese girl. Someone who was born Vietnamese, lived in Vietnam her whole life, raised by Vietnamese parents, and grew up in Vietnamese culture – a culture highly influenced by traditions, responsibilities, and society’s standard, where freedom is just a word, and if you don’t do what people think you should, then you’re probably screwed.

I could imagine the first time she traveled, how many called her crazy, stupid, and how her own parents would try to stop her, calling her irresponsible and selfish. I could imagine no one wanted to help her, and she had to be strong because that’s the only choice she had. And finally, when she returns with such amazing results, people finally accept her, finally believe what she does is right, and even praise  her, proud of her, blah blah blah, even the people that once called her crazy, stupid, irresponsible.

How funny, when someone’s in need, they refuse to give a hand, and now that the person success, they cheer and proud “because she’s one of us.”

And even now that they accept and praise her as a great traveler, but when she finally comes back, how many of the Vietnamese men would actually look at her as a girl, a woman? How many of them could love her like any other women out there? Or just like she said, Vietnamese culture will exclude her from the “good girls” and “marriageable women”,  just because she’s nothing like the type of Vietnamese woman like the housewife in Slave of Happiness.

Oh well, that’s something to worry about in the near future, but right now all I could do is to wish her the best.

“Standard” is different everywhere, and it’s not something you should force yourself into, when you know you’re unhappy with it. “Standard” is simply “what most people think is right”, it doesn’t mean that’s the absolute truth. In this world, there are hundreds of countries, thousands of religions, millions of cultures, and billions of people. Which means, there are hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions of different “standards”. There’s no way you can please everyone.

And while you’re trying so hard to please everyone else, do you ever think, what is it that you really want? Or will you lose yourself while listening to thousand other voices, so loud that you couldn’t hear your own thought?

If you want to do something so bad that you can’t stop thinking about it, then do it. 🙂

If it’s right, it’s worth it, then do it. 🙂

Life is simple, only people are complicated.


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