[A&A] Why do women HAVE TO have an equal proportion of power as men?

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Ask: Why do women HAVE TO have an equal proportion of power as men?

Why is this a problem?

If we look at the issue through the lens of evolutionary biology/psychology, we can see that both sexes have different mating strategies and find different things attractive on the opposite sex.

In general, men value beauty and youth. Also in general, women value financial stability (wealth), status and power. This is how we’re wired. So of course there’s a bigger incentive for men to acquire wealth/power, than for women. Why is this wrong?

It would be like me arguing that men should be more represented in the field of super models. Most of us can name a few of them (Adriana Lima etc.), but where is the male counterpart? Does a male supermodel even exist? I believe 100% of supermodels are female.

So what, we should forcefully change the roles and what each sex finds attractive, so that there is a distribution of models more closer to 50/50? That is just absurd. There was a difference in sexual selection during our evolution and we can’t erase that. Men will always like young and pretty women, and women will always be attracted to status and power (it goes without saying: IN GENERAL).

So why is then a bigger proportion of men who hold power a problem? It’s EXPECTED




Answer: (By Nana3B)

1. I’m writing this from an Asia point of view, where there are a lot of people still think that women are lesser than men. (Not all, but many many people, especially older people.)

Why would women want an equal power proportion as men? No, we don’t.

As a woman, many of us would like to be protected and loved by our men. We would like to stay at home and spend time with our kids. We would like to not worry about money and have a carefree life.

But society did NOT let us.

In Asia, you will see husband who act like the boss of the house, some even beat their wives. You will see wives works an equal amount with their husbands, then come back in the afternoon to take care of the kids, do all the houseworks, cook the meals, clean the dishes until late at night while their husbands are just loafing around. You will see women getting beaten, cheated on, but won’t be able to leave their husband because of how society talk about single mom. You will see families who only welcome baby boy, and abort baby girl.

Let me tell you this, many many years ago, this was the same in America, Europe, and many other countries where men and women are almost equal now. And equality only happened because women has been fighting non-stop for it. Equality is something normal in these countries now that you forgot where it all started.

The only way to protect ourselves is to gain power.

The only way to gain power is to work our ass off, to gain a high place in company, high-class in society.

That’s the only way we get people to hear us. The only way we can make the world a better place for ourselves.

We’re not competitive. Our situation forced us to.

2. Do you know why women usually don’t get as successful as men? Why bigger proportion of men are holding power?

Let me tell you straight, it’s NOT because of genetic or because men are smarter or how nature decided it.

Let say a man and a woman both start working at 22 years old.
Men retired age is 60 while women only work until 55. That’s 5 years ahead.

During pregnancy, an normal women would slow down on her work life to prepare for her newborn child. She will only work with about 1/2 to 3/4 of her usual work rate. That give men 9 months x (1 – 3/4) = 3 months ahead of women.

Then she will be in maternity leave for about 6 months to 1 year when her child is born.

By the time she comes back to work she has forgotten a lot of skills and will have to take another 3 months or more to get back to where she was.

So in total, women have about 5 years + 3 months + 1 year + 3 months = 6.5 years less than men in pursuing their work with only one child. Add another 1.5 years for every next child she has. And that haven’t count the time she’s taking care of kids when they grow up.

You can do a lots of sh*t in 6.5 years!

If you can’t outgrow a person in 6.5 years, that just mean you suck.

3. When you do something for so long, it becomes nature, you don’t think much about it anymore.

That’s just how society works. Same with what people value change every couple years.

And thanks to those women who worked twice as hard, became the high-authority, got their voice listened by the whole world that we achieve the “normal” equality that we have today.

50/50 power? We don’t need that.

We only need enough to protect ourselves.

But when 50 is not enough, who knows, women will probably strive for 90% power.

You never know. Women are craaazzzyyyy. 🙂


(P/s: Not all Asian women are abused or treated badly, but I must say there are still huge number who are.
P/s2: While writing something like this, I have a very loving and understanding husband and a wonderful dad. But not everyone are as lucky as me.)



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