A poem for people who give up on their pets

Mommy, do you miss me?

I remember when you loved me, you picked me up and held me in your arms.
I remember when you held me, you kissed me and said to me, my baby is so beautiful.
I remember when you combed my hair and wiped my body with a soft cloth.
I remember when I was sleeping next to you on a huge bed, on a pillow, next to your hair with such sweet smell.
I remember the toys you bought for me, and the time we played together so much fun.
I remember every morning, I purred, and used my paw touching your face to wake you up.
I remember your sweet smile, and your voice like singing, “Good morning, my little treasure”, when you opened your eyes.
I remember those delicious food that you bought for me, and I always had so many type of food.
I remember how I loved you, I adored you, I admired you so much.
Mommy, do you miss me?

I remember when you brought home a man, and introduced him to me.
I remember you said that, he’s my husband, I love him very much, and he loves you too.
I remember he didn’t seem like a cat lover, but you loved him so I would love him too.
I remember he always shouted, and scared me with heavy footsteps.
I remember he didn’t try to be mean to me, but always ignored me when I begged him to hold me a bit.
I remember he said that cat can’t go into the bedroom, so I couldn’t sleep on your pillow anymore.
I remember I couldn’t wake you up every morning anymore.
Mommy, do you miss me?

I remember one day, you came home with a sweet smelling pack on your arms.
I remember you hold it tightly and said, this is my child and I love him very much.
I remember I thought to myself, if mommy love it then I will love it too.
I remember how I was so curious about it, sniffing it, because it had your smell but it was so small just like me.
I remember the man was scared when I sniff the baby. He said I could hurt it.
I remember I got put outside, where I never been to, and I was terrified.
I remember I sat outside, crying and begging you to come inside.
I remember you didn’t even take a step out to bring me in.
I remember that night, other cats came to me, looked at me in the dark and laughed, and picked on me.
I remember I was so scared that they might bite me, because I no longer had any claw to defend.
I remember I sat by the door all night, so scared and lonely.
I remember he said he couldn’t sleep because I kept on crying, so you have to get rid of me.
I remember you put me into a box, and don’t even look at my eyes once.
Mommy, do you ever miss me?

I remember the box got thrown out of the moving car, and it hit the road so hard.
I remember when I got out of it, I couldn’t figure out where I was and where you were.
I remember I waited for so long, hoping you would come and save me.
I remember I was so hungry, thirsty, lost, lonely, and scared.
I remember I had to find food in the garbage.
I remember other cats chased me, slapped me, bit me, because I was in their territory.
I remember I tried to find you, tried to find your scent in every light wind. And I couldn’t feel where you were.
I remember I ran to find you, so much that my feet bled.
I remember my beautiful soft hair became so dirty, my strong body became so thin because of hunger.
I remember the monster with the eyes so bright hit me on the road.
I remember the pain, such horrible pain, mommy! And I felt blood coming out of my mouth.
I remember I couldn’t move, my legs couldn’t even slide a little.
I remember how I needed you more than ever in my whole life. But you didn’t come!
I remember how I loved you so much, so much like the loneliness, the terror, and the pain when I’m dying here.

Mommy, do you miss me?


Animal is not something you used once, then throw away. They have thoughts, feelings, memories, and can be hurt.

Source: Một bài viết cảm động về tình trạng ngược đãi và bỏ rơi thú cưng

Translated by Nana3B


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